At GLOVIMEX, we provide expertise in a broad spectrum of services that covers all aspects of commercial agent. With a team of licensed professionals, we act on behalf of abroad companies, institutions and individuals to acquires, sell commodities, offering dealing experience in range of products including handicraft, agriculture commodities.

Located in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, GLOVIMEX is always available to welcome any international partner. By combination with our commercial consultancy service, we provide partners with trend forecasts and evaluate opportunities to determine the best deal possible under the most favorable terms available for their businesses. With a history of local business relationship, reputation of outstanding performance, market and industry knowledge, and transactional expertise, we provide our partners with creative trading solutions and value-based results.  

With proven record of success, GLOVIMEX has earned a reputation as a premier commercial agent.

Our services:

       -     Help client to making sample order as well as initial order with a minimum quantity as soon as possible 

       -      On behalf client to negotiate with the selected suppliers for the best deal

       -       Provide packing, labelling with minimum cost as per client’s requirement

       -       Provide client with Vietnam supplier’s reputation inspection service

       -       Provide interpreter according to client’s requirement

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